Enjoy your day with great drinks, food, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Stylish Bar on the Rafts

Kayak Beach Bar offers a unique atmosphere and the most beautiful view in Prague on the illuminated Vyšehrad, Prague Castle, industrial railway bridge, and flowing Vltava River.

The unique bar is built on rafts, anchored on the Prague Náplavka directly at the Výtoň tram stop and near the B Karlovo náměstí metro station.

Private Events

Unconventional spaces in the center of Prague on the Náplavka are the ideal place to celebrate birthdays, bid farewell to freedom, or perhaps toast the birth of your child. We’ll prepare catering, provide music, and you can also use our wellness floor!

Contact us for your event at or +420 731 236 542, and we’ll prepare the event according to your wishes.

Corporate Events

Organize a corporate event on the Vltava River. The spaces are suitable for all types of events – from press conferences to Christmas parties. In winter months, capacity up to 90 people, in summer up to 140 people.


Grill Menu
KBB Beef Burger 229 CZK
KBB Burger Menu (beef burger, fries, beer or limo)299 CZK
KBB Pork Sandwich179 CZK
KBB Pork Sandwich Menu (Sandwich, fries, beer or limo)249 CZK
Chicken Quesadilla  179 CZK
Veggie haloumi wrap 179 CZK
1/4 Grilled chicken139 CZK
1/2 Grilled chicken219 CZK
Steak & Fries 299 CZK
Fries with shredded chicken179 CZK
Nachos with cheese, jalapenos, salsa179 CZK
Grilled cheese with cranberries149 CZK
Fries with sauce99 CZK

Drinks Menu

 Non-Alcoholic Drinks | Soft drinks 
0.3lDraft kofola, Royal Crown Cola, Tonic36 CZK
0.5lDraft kofola, Royal Crown Cola, Tonic59 CZK
0.33lBravo Orange juice55 CZK
0.4lOur lemonade (mango, kiwi, orange, elderberry)65 CZK
0.25lRed Bull can (Energy Drink, Sugarfree, Red Edition)65 CZK
0.33lGinger Beer59 CZK
0.2lHomemade BIO apple juice59 CZK
0.5lBernard (Light 11°, Dark 12°, Mixed, Non-Alcoholic)62 CZK
0.3lBernard (Light 11°, Dark 12°, Mixed, Non-Alcoholic)43 CZK
0.35lCorona extra79 CZK
0.4lCider F. H. Prager69 CZK
0.15lRulandské šedé Přítluky70 CZK
0.15lCabernet Sauvignon Přítluky70 CZK
0.15lProsecco Riondo Frizzante45 CZK
0.75lProsecco Riondo Frizzante355 CZK
Hot Drinks
 Espresso55 CZK
Double Espresso75 CZK
Cappuccino65 CZK
0.2lTea (black, fruit, mint, ginger)59 CZK
0.2lMulled wine85 CZK
0.2lFire strudel99 CZK
0.2lGrog79 CZK
0.2lHot BIO apple juice65 CZK
0.2lHot mango65 CZK
The food and drinks menu is valid from January 1, 2024. Information about allergens contained in the drinks we serve will be provided upon request.
0.3lAperol Spritz129 CZK
0.3lCuba libre129 CZK
0.3lGin Tonic129 CZK
0.3lLong island iced tea179 CZK
0.3l Mojito169 CZK
0.3lMojito Virgin99 CZK
0.3lKayak Spritz129 CZK
0.3lHugo129 CZK
0.3lFrozen Mango Margarita169 CZK
0.3lLifespiration Starts Here245 CZK
0.3lMoscow mule129 CZK
0.3lSkinny Bitch115 CZK
0.3lRed Bull Vodka129 CZK
0.3lWatermelon Bull Gin129 CZK
0.3lWatermelon Bull Vodka129 CZK
0.04lFinlandia (classic, coconut)70 CZK
0.04lGin Gordons (classic, pink)70 CZK
0.04lSlivovice, Pear brandy70 CZK
0.04lTequila80 CZK
0.04lCortez blanco70 CZK
0.04lDiplomático reserva115 CZK
0.04lJägermeister70 CZK
0.04lFernet Citrus60 CZK
0.04lTuzemák, Green, Griotka60 CZK
0.04lJack Daniel´s80 CZK
0.04lCampari bitter70 CZK