Reservation – Kayaks

Mon – Fri
13:00 – 16:00
20:00 – 22:00
Mon – Fri
16:00 – 20:00
Sat + Sun
60 min 160 CZK 190 CZK 160 CZK
Other 30 min 80 CZK 95 CZK 80 CZK
Kayak ocean duo (double)
60 min
320CZK 320CZK 320CZK
Kayak ocean duo (double)
other 30 min
160CZK 160CZK 160CZK


Kayaks can be reserved by 30 minute time slots, but minimum reservation time is 60 min.
Multisport card 1 hour free.



    Tuktu is a single tourist kayak on the river and lake. Tuktu is stable, spacious and keeps the direction easily. It has a waterproof space for baggage.



    Stable and easy to handle kayak with high tip that allows a “dry run”. Plenty of space for baggage. The keel ensures good tracking. Skeg and rudderless version of kayak.

  • SIT – ON – TOP


    This type of kayak is designed even for absolute beginners. The main benefit is its stability. The sit on top kayak will allow you to learn kayaking in a second.

  • NIFTY 430


    The Nifty 430 is a fast and manoeuvrable medium size sea kayak with amazing stability. It has a rudder and an adjustable seat for more comfortable journey. This kayak is perfect for intermediate and experienced kayakers too.